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A Reliable Computing Power Sharing Platform Bitcoin Doublers where YOU decide when you will to go a head!

Auto Bitcoin Doubler - Terms and Conditions

You must agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to be eligible to use the obtained Investment Services or Products (defined below).


Certain terms defined in these Terms and Conditions are also used in the Privacy Policy and are incorporated by reference to these Terms and Conditions.


Bitcoin Doubler Software, Product Information, Materials, Services and other related information are collectively referred to as “Content.”


All references to “Services” refer to any Auto Bitcoin Doubler service delivered through Auto Bitcoin Doubler, under the plan that you enter into with Auto Bitcoin Doubler through use of the Auto Bitcoin Doubler Website located at or by calling the Rimtis phone number mentioned on the Auto Bitcoin Doubler Website or any advertising website or material. These Terms of Use govern all plans available through the Auto Bitcoin Doubler Website, and any use of the Auto Bitcoin Doubler Website. In the event of any conflict these Terms of Use control any valid Plan Order form that you submit requesting Services (“Plan Order”).


“Materials” means any web casts, download areas, white papers, press releases, datasheets, FAQs, investment doublers product information, quick reference guides, or other works of any kind that are made available to download from the Auto Bitcoin Doubler website are the proprietary and copyrighted work of Auto Bitcoin Doubler and/or its suppliers. The definition of “Materials” does not include the design or layout of the web site or any other Auto Bitcoin Doubler owned, operated, licensed or controlled website.


You may order Services by submitting Plan Orders through the Auto Bitcoin Doubler website or by calling Auto Bitcoin Doubler. Once Auto Bitcoin Doubler accepts the Plan Order submitted by you, then you will receive an email from Auto Bitcoin Doubler at the email address that you provide or have provided to Auto Bitcoin Doubler as part of the Registration Process for the Services. Auto Bitcoin Doubler is not responsible for rendering Services in connection with any Plan Order that it has not accepted. Upon acceptance by Auto Bitcoin Doubler of a Plan Order, you will have a Service Plan.


Auto Bitcoin Doubler reserves the right to amend the Terms and Condition, and the Auto Bitcoin Doubler Website at any time by (a) posting a revised version of the Terms and Conditions on the Auto Bitcoin Doubler Website , or by (b) sending information regarding any amendment to the Terms of Service to the email address you provide to Auto Bitcoin Doubler in connection with registration. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the Auto Bitcoin Doubler website to be notified of any amendments to the Terms and Conditions.
If user has any questions about the privacy Policy at our Web site, user can e-mail user inquiries to [email protected]