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Bitcoin - Online, Investment Doubler , You Spent 1.00 Bitcoin we will turn 2 Bitcoin .

A Reliable Computing Power Sharing Platform Bitcoin Doublers where YOU decide when you will to go a head!

Auto Bitcoin Doubler, Limitation

Limitation of Liability Rules

Auto Bitcoin Doubler ensures that every project is handled in a professional manner and the client gets the result as per the agreed scope and proposal to do make a doublers Bitcoin with high return. In case you are not happy with the outcome and are already through with the issue resolution discussion, we do process refund requests as per the following conditions.

In a view to maintain a same investment society, we have limited all investments to 12 Hours per IP. Which means, you can only invest once in every 12 Hours. You will get Bitcoin profits of your investment within 24 hours, but you can not place another investment till the next 12 Hours.

With this, we are able to fight greed and unreasonably recurrent investments which might put heavy loads on our server. Do not be greedy and attempt to beat the system by changing and using multiple IPs to create multiple investments daily. Our system is smart enough to recognize this and we reserve the rights to block all IPs related to the source.

Please note that Auto Bitcoin Doubler delivery obligation is subject to:

  • A project is not considered annulled if the agreed upon/pending invoices are not settled. Auto Bitcoin Doubler is not bound to respect the Refund Policy, if required information for successful completion of the project is not communicated to us in a timely manner.
  • If the information provided to Auto Bitcoin Doubler is incomplete and/or complete information/scope of the project is not provided at the beginning of the project, Auto Bitcoin Doubler is not bound to maintain its delivery and /or refund commitments.
  • Auto Bitcoin Doubler will not make any compensation for the delay of payments under any circumstances, unless there is a special agreement signed with a penalty clause for delay in payments.

The Auto Bitcoin Doubler Website is available internationally and may contain references to Auto Bitcoin Doubler products, services, and programs that are not available in a viewer’s country.

Auto Bitcoin Doubler’ liability is limited to the value of the portion of the project (as per Auto Bitcoin Doubler’ proposal) which stands incomplete at any given point of time. The liability to refund arises only once the project has been cancelled by the client and such cancellation has been communicated to Auto Bitcoin Doubler in writing. Processing of Refunds.

Note: Auto Bitcoin Doubler reserves the right to modify terms of the return policy at its discretion. Please review terms sporadically. Your continued use of Computer Services website after any such alterations indicate your acceptance of the same.